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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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I hope this note finds you well! As a person in the financial service field it is always refreshing to work with someone that cares about their clients.

I would like to take the time to recognize the customer service that Mike Plante provided me during my new home purchase. He was very responsive and set real expectations about every step of the way. I was very impressed with his ability to go to bat for me to help me purchase my first 4 family. We received a low appraisal and Mike did a fabulous job in handling the negative news. He made a bad situation great due to his communication and knowledge! I will highly recommend him to other friends and family!

Thank you,

Ashley A


Just want to say thank you to Adam Rose and Kayla for all the hard work they put in to get my loan to go through and for putting up with me when I got a aggravated about different things that needed to be done during this process couldn't ask for a better Mortgage Company once again thank you all so much for everything that you've done



I just wanted to let you know I have been referring people to you since our closing, because I think you're a great company. XXXXX was the last person I referred and so far she says you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work Adam and I'll keep sending them your way.


I just want to say thanks again, we are getting all moved in and loving every minute of it. The kiddo’s love their new bedrooms and the great big back yard. We could have never done it without your help. I was told that there was no way I could get approved for a loan. You’re the man…. ? Have a great day!


After the past several months of communication with one of your representatives I felt compelled to submit a comment. I have been working with Darren Clark (NMLS#236002) for over a year now and he has successfully guided my husband and myself through multiple offers on homes. Without his assistance, I think that our dream and desire of owning our own home may have been lost. Darren has selflessly assisted us through multiple difficult deals that may have caused other lenders to shy away. Darren has maintained the highest amount of professionalism and caring attitude throughout the process and should be commended for his commitment to the success of Western Ohio Mortgage. It is due to his actions and assistance during this process that I will happily work with and refer Western Ohio Mortgage to my friends and colleagues in the future.


My husband and I found our realtor by visiting an open house that we weren't necessarily interested in but figured it never hurts to look. But I now believe there was a reason for us being there, not only did we find a awesome new realtor she introduced us to hands down the best loan officer in the world. We dropped the current realtor and current loan officer we had immediately as just in the first 10 minutes of talking with Scott Hill he had given us more information and showed interest in us more than the other did in months! Scott Hill became one of the best blessings we've ever received! I know we would not be enjoying our new home with out him! Scott is very knowledgeable and super timely and always had our best interest in mind every step of the way! No matter what time of day (or evening) it was he was available to answer questions or give us information and we could not be more grateful for his hard work and attention he gave to us. I know he went above and beyond for us! We are very grateful for Scott and always recommend him to everyone looking to buy. You will with out a doubt be very happy you chose Scott as your loan officer!


Sorry this has taken so long, been busy with soccer and school. Thanks again for everything.

I am a military veteran and a first time home buyer. We rented a home for over 5 years, when our landlords unexpectedly told us they were selling the house and we had 2 weeks to either purchase the home or find another. This was quite the stressful situation seeing that our daughter was about to return to school in three weeks, and finding another rental home would be a challenge with our Great Dane. We weren't even sure if our credit was high enough to get a loan( seeing how 2 years prior it wasn't). Again, this was the worst situation and having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on top of it all didn't help when the landlords began parading realtors in the home.

I contacted one of the Veterans Home Loan companies that are listed on the VA websites and with Google. I planned on using a the VA home loan process. The company was very slow, and had given me a high interest rate (7% along with $8,000.00 in closing costs, not counting their fee). Because I was a first time home buyer, I thought this was normal. The landlord was selling the home himself and told us if we got a realtor then he would charge us his realtor costs and ours. We wanted the home, we had lived here for 5 years, and needed help. Help wasn't coming from the Veteran Home Loan company, I would get different representatives telling me to send different documents I had already sent in. The nightmare just wouldn't end! So with pure luck, I was speaking with a friend and she told me to contact Scott Hill at Western Ohio Mortgage.

Scott Hill was a Godsend! He made sure our credit was in order, locked me in at a 4% interest rate for 6 months (it ended up being 3.99%), handled the sky high stack of VA loan documents with ease, set up the VA home inspection, helped us understand our options and laws that Ohio had for our protection. Because we didn't have a realtor, I called Scott with any questions I had to help with the "nightmare landlord sellers". He was quick to answer any questions and if he didn't know it, he guided me to where I could find it. He processed our loan paperwork quickly to get us secured. He even stayed at his office past 9:30 p.m. to let me use his printer to get documents sent off . We closed in a month without having to bring anymore money to the table at closing!

I am so very thankful for Scott Hill at Western Ohio Mortgage. If I would have went with an out of town company that is there to "serve veterans", I would have had to pay to fax documents, had a high interest rate, high closing costs, pay a few thousand for their fee and no one personable who would have really helped me. Scott Hill should be featured for Veterans who are looking to buy a home, this guy moves with a sense of urgency and actually cares about his clients. His name will be the only name I speak when my fellow service members ask where they should go when buying a home.

Thank you Scott Hill, you are the difference.

-The McDonald Family
Oregonia, Ohio

McDonald Family

Wow where should I start. First I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not giving up on us and our situation. I know it was probably one of the hardest approvals you may have experienced, but you didn't give up. Thank you so much for that.
Next, everything you done is appreciated, you are a generous and sincere when it comes to your profession.
Last but not least, Thank you Adam! Keep up the good work!! May God continue to Bless You and Your Family!

Loan Borrower

On April 30th 2014 my husband and I closed on our very first home and we could not have done it without Scott Hill at Western Ohio Mortgage.
As this was our first home purchase, we were very much in the dark on pretty much every aspect of the home loan process. Scott was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful in explaining the loan process to us in a language we could easily understand. One of the most helpful things was Scott’s timely responses. He was willing to meet with us any time we needed, and answered any questions we had in less than 24 hours (many times within the same hour they were asked).
Our home was sold on Short Sale so the timeline was very ‘TBD’ at times. Scott made sure to be on top of things for us so that we could be ready to go when needed. Towards the end, we were up against the clock due to a late approval from bank that had the lien on the property. That didn’t stop Scott, he made sure we were able to not only meet our intended closing date, but had everything ready to go almost a whole week before it needed to be.
We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Scott and with Western Ohio Mortgage. We would definitely work with them again for any future needs, and certainly would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Brittany and Doug

Before we began working with Scott Hill we were having a difficult time getting financing for our mortgage on our first home. Being first time home-buyers, we did not really understand the process or what paperwork was involved. Scott was able to help us by walking us through things step-by-step, and explaining the home-buying process. He worked with our situation and kept in touch with us frequently! Scott was there for us when we felt discouraged on having the opportunity to own a home and we are now homeowners!
Thanks for everything,

Jerrica B.

Jerrica B.


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