Home Inspection FAQs - Attic

Q: Will the home inspector go into the attic? Inspecting the attic is an essential piece of the home inspection because it is one of the only places in the home where the inspector has a view of the framing, rafters and insulation. Because attics typically have unfinished walls, it may be possible to see evidence of past leaks, the unseen side of some lights, ventilation and indications of rodents or small animals who may have found entry into the home. Many times electrical wiring may also run through the attic, providing the inspector additional information about the condition ...

September 30th, 2013 Home Inspection FAQs - Attic


On August 15, 2013, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a new program designed to assist homebuyers who have been faced with difficulty in getting a home mortgage.  The FHA BACK TO WORK PROGRAM provides relief to borrowers who have experienced a reduction in income that in turn resulted in a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy.  Typically, if one of these events occurs in a borrowers credit profile, they must wait 2-3 years to be eligible for any type of mortgage financing.   With the Back To Work Program, the borrower will onl...

August 28th, 2013 | bankruptcy, foreclosure, FHA BACK TO WORK PROGRAM

Welcome to our New Blog!

Welcome to our new blog. Check back in the coming weeks for important housing and mortgage market news. Western Ohio Mortgage Corp. is a community lender that has been serving customers since 1999.  Western Ohio Mortgage has offices located in Sidney, Lima, Shreve, and Youngstown Ohio as well as an offices located in Noblesville and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Main Office (Sidney)

733 Fair Rd.
Sidney, Ohio 45365

Lebanon Branch

901 N Broadway
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Mason Branch

7588 Central Parke Blvd Suite 314
Mason, Ohio 45040

Phone: 800-736-8485
Fax: 937-497-9020
NMLS: 9601
We are licensed in the following states: Ohio: MB-801814.000, Indiana: 15536, Florida: MLD154, Kentucky: MB72955;